Our Messages

Chairman’s Message

I am very proud and humbled by CDF accomplishments. Our team, working hand in hand with the communities in order to achieve our successes. We are continuously striving to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. In collaboration with our partners and supporters. CDF has been implementing community development programs in the Ratnapura district, which empowers disadvantaged people to be the key authors of their own development. It has been a privilege to see communities utilizing and building their strengths to take greater control of their lives. Together we will continue to make a difference.

I would like to extend my profound gratitude and deepest appreciation to funding organizations and well-wishers for providing financial assistance for the development of community. The staff, volunteers, community leaders, and members are highly appreciated for your commitment to our work. You are the driving force of CDF’s efforts to overcome challenges to effectively implement our projects, and to achieve our goals. As we look forward to serve the disadvantaged communities, it is your support that makes CDF’s work possible.

On behalf of the CDF team, I kindly thank you for your support.

Thank you.
Mr. F. Charles Morhan Ravie

Vice chairman’s Message

After eight years of extensive experience in the field of community development, women empowerment, poverty alleviation and peace building, CDF know how important the women empowerment and poverty elevation are. Our organization’s belief in continuous progress, however, encourage us to work hard towards the destitute people in our operation areas ; this is indeed what we do through our continued dedication, both of our development process and our plan of our action.

Due to the outstanding quality of services and the solid reliability provide to community by our team, we have established ourselves as exemplary community workers and we feel proud that our development activities touch the lives of thousands of people around Ratnapura district

In order to achieve its vision, CDF has set well-defined objectives including maximizing efficiency, focusing on needs of community, delivering high quality service, optimizing output, maintaining the highest degree of discipline

The great strides we have made and our many accomplishments along the way would not have been possible without the commitment of our members, partners, networks, staff and volunteers who have promoted CDF’s vision, mission and objectives through their dedication and professionalism.

Furthermore, it is our intention to publicize and promote the role of plantation women in social life of the country so that they can develop and strengthen their capabilities for effective leadership. Women are strong decision-makers and peace builders, and we must ensure that they are allowed to maximize and reach their full potential.

With this in mind, we hope that the new website will complement CDF’s communication activities and become a powerful and effective means of keeping in touch with our members and supporters and of extending our global information exchange.

Thank you
Mrs. S. A. MALER
Vice Chairman

Finance Manager’s Message

It is with great pleasure I would extend my gratitude to our supporters, staff and volunteers of the organization for their dedication, corporation and commitment for the accomplishment of CDF We have been fortunate to have various infrastructure projects undertaken by the Community Development Foundation (CDF) for the development of community in Ratnapura distinct.

I as the finance manager at CDF accounting and reporting to Donors and other institutions according to the accounting standard, policy and financial discipline of Community Development Foundation

All our Finance need to manage correctly in order to ensure the stability and potential for future growth. and dynamics of financial management is necessary for social oriented projects that are funded by Donor Organizations for the implementation. Knowledge of finance is one of the core skills of running a non profitable operation and is integral to all areas of activities of CDF program implementation. Financial planning is the key element of financial management of CDF according to the policy which involves planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the financial activities of CDF to ensure the funds being utilized efficiently and correctly in order to meet the expectation of the donors.

I, together with our staff look forward to continue to expand our service. We also strive to fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. This year we have committed to participate in many programs and our goal is to contribute to the continuous advancement of society.

Than you
Mrs. Ishani A.Jayawardane
Finance Manager

Message From Advisor

This year, we celebrate eight years of the CDF’s service and I believe the projects have achieved success so far. It is a great honor and pride for me to see these achievements which have changed the situation greatly compared to eight years ago. It will be happy to thank CDF for providing its services in top-level with high-standard planning, management and implementation. I make sure CDF will get the most practical solution to their development matter in a professional manner from reliable and experienced experts.

I, take this opportunity and pleasure in introducing CDF as one of the reputed and professionally managed community development organizations in Sri Lanka. CDF has earned highest reputation in a short span of time through the commitment and dedication

I will be glad to provide CDF with top-level advice and high-standard of professional consulting service. As a consultant I shall serve the organization (CDF) loyally, faithfully and diligently. In order to widen the network with individual, government and nongovernmental organizations, local and international institutions, CDF is adopting the all forms of communication and network system and maintaining updated information and database of contacts which is vital for communication so it is definitely better to have a website which will provide updated information about CDF and it’s activities.

My thanks go out to our priceless partners and generous donors whose support made possible the organization of CDF programs, services and all CDF activities. I also want to extend a sincere thanks to our wonderful volunteers and staff for the trust they placed in us that forever inspires us to keep moving forward.

Thank you
Mr. Nisam

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